Monday, 16 January 2012

Mechanisms that can reduce the impact of Barriers to Communication

Mechanisms can be put in place within the workforce, this will enable the barriers to decrease and enable tasks to be carried out without any form of disturbance. For example a presentation taking place without the distraction of noise from other people or things.

Background noise:

People running back and forth causes a lot of distraction within the presentation, or people outside the room talking loudly can also affect the noise level.

When doing a presentation this could knock he presenter of what he or she is talking about or it could result in the listeners not being able to hear the presentation.

 A way in which this could be stopped would be by locating the presentation in a quiet location, where noise would be limited.


Turning of mobile phones will stop the distraction of mobile phones ringing in the middle of a presentation, this will stop other members within the room looking around to see whose mobile phone it was which was ringing.

It is also important that a formal talk or presentation is taken within a quiet location, this would then limit the amount of distractions around the room.

Some employees may also be seated on a chair which squeaks or is of annoyance, to limit the distractions it is important for the presenter to check the equipment within the room which could be of a disturbance to those who are listening.

Lack of Concentration:
Some people who are listening to a presentation may loose their concentration, this could be due to having their mind on something else for example family life. The presenter must have short, clear points in which will be able to capture the listener at all times.
Some members listening to a formal talk or presentation may loose interest, therefore resulting in them drawing on a page or tapping their pen repeatedly of the table or folder.
It is then important for a presenter to capture their attention again, or keep it the whole way through, this could be by making them join in, and this could be by asking them questions or getting them involved within a group activity.